Chances are you can tell the difference between what your steel door frame looks like now as opposed to what it looked like when it was first installed. Steel doors slowly corrode from the inside out due to moisture being trapped between the wall and the frame. This is nothing that occurs because of poor installation, it is simply an unavoidable consequence of installing steel door frames. Surface rust is often the most noticeable way to distinguish whether or not it is time to replace your steel door frame. Surface rust can be wire brushed and painted whereas further damage requires a replacement door frame.

When you notice that the structural integrity of the door has been compromised, that is when it’s time to call a professional commercial door repair company and not a minute later. Having a corroded door can lead to a number of health problems, not to mention the general appearance isn’t exactly attractive.

The talented staff at Metro Door & Hardware can provide you will a new door frame and install it in no time at all. What’s more is that we offer free quotes to all of our potential clients so that they can rest assured they are getting their money’s worth once we begin the replacement process.

Call the professionals at Metro Door & Hardware today and begin the replacement process. We can have a new steel door frame installed in your business or commercial building in hardly any time at all! We look forward to hearing from you!