You may think that the commercial building you own doesn’t need security doors but chances are you and everyone who works there would feel much better if this was the case. There are several ways you can protect your building as well as everyone and everything inside of it. Below you can find a list of ways to increase security in at your commercial

  1. Industrial Locks
    The ‘industrial” part is the most important. Sure, you could have regular locks installed but the chances of you experiencing a break in is much higher when plain locks(that are easily tampered with) are all you have in your building.
  2. Alarms
    Having an alarm system installed in your commercial building is sure to deter burglaries. When buying your first alarm system make sure it is up to date and that there is a smoke detector included in it to alert the fire department should a fire start when no one is in the building.
  3. Steel Entry Doors
    These doors are next to impossible to break into. The majority of them also tend to be fire proof and come as either rolling garage doors or swinging heavy steel doors.
  4. Fire Doors
    Having fire doors that separate rooms is a great comfort. Knowing that if a fire were to start in one room, it would not spread to others allows for your employees to feel much safer.
  5. Camera Systems
    Having a camera systems installed on your property is never a bad idea. Criminals are much less likely to break into somewhere they know will be able to identify them after the crime has happened.

Metro Door may not be able to provide all of these security measures for you but we definitely have the security doors covered! Call us today and make installing steel entry doors and fire doors a priority!