In such a fast paced world it is not exactly safe to leave anything to chance. You do not want the wrong person wandering into your school, business or home. We believe having authorized entry points is a must for the modern world.

Door Access Control provide access to authorized people with things as simple as a PIN number or card swipe. By having constant control over who is entering your business or residential building, your worries will be diminished greatly.

The most common access control systems include: timed or zoned access, fingerprint access systems, card access systems and trespass exclusions technology. Based on your company’s or your personal needs the type of access control systems is entirely flexible. Not mention we can install these systems in one door or in several depending on the size of your facility or home.

We know you want to keep your employees safe. We know you want your family to be safe. And you, we know you want to feel safe as well. Installing access control systems is the best way to ensure you are constantly not at risk.

Metro Door & Hardware would like to help you reach a level of security that will continue to bring you comfort day in and day out. We allow for you to choose the type of access controls that will be installed in your building and will consult with you from step A to step Z.  If you are interested in increasing the security and overall comfort in your place of work or in your home please contact us today! We would love to help you and give you a free quote while we are at it!