Making your business accessible for everyone who wishes to visit it is a must. It is also required by many building codes that you do so. This process can involve a lot of time and research and often it can be pricey to say the least. However, they are a must-have.

Imagine you were unable to enter a business because it was not accessible to you. Not only would this be frustrating but you would undoubtable have a bad taste in your mouth where that business is concerned. You would wonder why someone had been so inconsiderate as to not consider you when they were thinking of who they wanted to patronize their commercial space. This is not how you would want anyone to feel about your business, is it? In order to avoid this, Metro Door & Hardware of Detroit can install handicap access auto operators.

These operators will work to make it easy for those in wheelchairs to enter your business just as easily as those who are capable of opening doors for themselves.

If you are interested in accommodating everyone who would like to enter your commercial space, call Metro Door and Hardware today. Our friendly and professional staff will give you fast and easy services as well as an affordable price. You may also want to ask about our other services as we are constantly trying to help businesses make their spaces easier to access and safer. Contact us today! We would be happy to help you!